A downloadable game for Windows

This game was made in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare 47 Jam, fellow jammers can rate it here

You are trapped on a never-ending OUROBOROS. 

Attempt to reach the head and end the loop before it devours you and curses you to repeat your fate again and again.


- Twin-stick shooter action gameplay with AI and a scripted boss fight

- Low-fi retro-ish aesthetics

- Fast-paced combat

- Roguelite elements such as Permadeath, and procedural level generation / arrangement

- Can be played with either a gamepad or mouse + keyboard (though a mouse is needed for the menu)


Post-Jam fix build only has 1 change, the fix to a bug that caused a lot of players to get stuck and have to force quit their games. This is allowed as per the rules of LDJam. I am leaving the original bugged version available for download as well.

Credits / Social:

Made solo 72 hours for the LDJam47.

All assets were created by me except the background music in the main scene, which is by Hoshi_Hana and available here.

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Install instructions

Unzip the zip folder and run the 'Ouroboros' executable.


Ouroboros (Crash/Stuck Fix) 41 MB
Ouroboros 20 MB


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Very funny, at one point I thought that it would never end because I went through the game more than twice, but suddenly I managed to reach the last quarter, and well the last quarter did not disappoint me when it comes to difficulty against the boss. Great fun and the music goes hand in hand with the visual art. <3


Congratulations on this unbelievably polished game as a solo dev, incredibly rewarding and fun. I would tweak the aiming but besides that it's a perfect jam gem.

Thats so kind of you! Thank you so much for your kind words and feedback :)