A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Originally made in 48 hours for the GMTKJam 2020. The 'Definitive Edition' has now been released with many improvements, additions, and fixes.

Keep Your Crew Happy

You are a captain sailing the seven seas, beset on all sides by other pirates, fearsome watchtowers armed with cannons, and even the hazardous environment itself. What's worse, your crew is manned by a bunch of lazy scallywags who're just waiting for their chance at mutiny!

Show Lead-ARRRR-ship and Skill!

Make the right choices to keep your crew's morale up so they'll continue to follow your orders - take too much punishment, and they'll be less likely to heed your commands at all.

The more ships you destroy, towers you blow up, and glittering booty you recover from the waves, the more morale your crew will have. The higher your morale, the more likely they are to follow your commands. If your morale gets too low, the likelihood of your villainous fellows following your orders gets lower and lower.

A heartwarming shanty is always a balm to any ARRRRRRgression, of course!


  • Click one of the random cards you are given to shout that command to your crew
  •  If your morale gets low, sing shanties / kill enemies / collect booty to increase it
  • Taking damage or crashing reduces morale
  • Low morale will cause your crew to more frequently refuse your commands, so try to keep it high to remain in control
  • Press the 'refresh' button next to the cards to get a full new hand of cards


  • Optional: If you don't want to / can't use a mouse to play, you can use the 1-2-3-4 keys to activate the corresponding command card (left to right), and SPACE to refresh your hand
  • Press 'TAB' to show indicators to where the remaining BOOTY is hiding
  • Press 'R' to restart the level
  • Press 'ESCAPE' to return to the main menu
  • Right click and drag to rotate the camera


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Install instructions


1. Download the zip

2. Unzip it and run the Unity build .exe


1. Download the zip

2. Unzip it, and then furiously google how to make your Mac let you use the app (required me to use some terminal wizardry - apologies, I don't know how to fix this on Mac so this is currently required to get it working... blame Apple!).


Lazy Pirates - Definitive Edition - Windows 68 MB
Lazy Pirates - Definitive Edition - Mac 69 MB
Original JAM Build (Deprecated) 28 MB


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Such a funny game, I like it


This was a funny game, I loved playing it.


i loved it!!! the sounds are amazing!! make sure we can't go beyonde the surrounding mountains =)